1976 Interview with Gregory Boyington & Robert Conrad

If you don’t know who is Marine Corps Major Gregory ‘Pappy’ Boyington then you should not be on this website. Born in Idaho on December 4, 1912, he was a leading Marine Corps Air Ace in World War II. He had been a Marine Corps officer before the war but had resigned his commission in order to serve with Claire Chennault’s “Flying Tigers” in China.

When the United States entered the war, he rejoined the Marine Corps in early 1942 and was assigned to the Solomon Islands in the Pacific, and also served in the Bougainville campaign. He was shot down and subsequently captured by the Japanese on January 3, 1944 while on a mission over Rabaul. He was then a prisoner of war until he was liberated at the end of the war. He was awarded the Medal of Honor upon his return to the United States. He was promoted to Colonel upon his retirement from the Corps in 1947.

He died in Fresno, California, on January 11, 1988, and was buried in Section 7-A of Arlington National Cemetery, near the Memorial Amphitheater and the Tomb of the Unknowns.


Medal of Honor
Navy Cross
Purple Heart Medal
Combat Action Ribbon
Presidential Unit Citation (2)

Baa Baa Black Sheep (later syndicated as Black Sheep Squadron) is a television series that aired on NBC from 1976 until 1978. Its premise was based on the experiences of United States Marine Corps aviator Pappy Boyington and his World War II “Black Sheep Squadron“. The series was created and produced by Stephen J. Cannell. The opening credits read: “In World War II, Marine Corps Major Greg ‘Pappy’ Boyington commanded a squadron of fighter pilots. They were a collection of misfits and screwballs who became the terrors of the South Pacific. They were known as the Black Sheep.”


This is a promotional interview clip for the NBC TV series BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP. This interview was originally broadcast on THE TODAY SHOW on September 21, 1976, the same day that the series premiered.

The Baa Baa Black Sheep book is currently in the works, the expected release date is September 21, 2022. If you would like to be notified and get your copy before anyone else, please click HERE


  1. “If you don’t know who is Marine Corps Major Gregory ‘Pappy’ Boyington then you should not be on this website”

    Hopefully that is said tongue in cheek otherwise it’s a bit crass I feel.

  2. I had the honor to meet him and he was kind enough to sign a book I have on the War in the Pacific.

  3. I never met him, but he was one of my heros. Never missed the baa baa black sheep shows during the 70’s.

  4. I meet “pappy” at a pre AirShow Dinner in Pine Bluff, Arkansas along with Ensign Gay who survived the battle of Midway in the water after being shot down. I’m sure you guys know the story. Anyway Pappy got drunk before the dinner started, took a swing at the bartender when he said he might slow down some, and I ended up hauling “pappy” to his room and dumping him on the bed to sleep it off. When I saw him the next day at the AirShow he just signed my book and grinned like he did.

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