Jerry Yagen Book Launch “Bravo Zulu: My Search to Save Classic Warbirds”

Jerry and Elaine Yagen standing in front of the Military Aviation Museum's FM-2 Wildcat. Yagen's new book, "Bravo Zulu: My Search Classic Warbirds" documents the story behind some of the more important aircraft in the museum's collection. This book will launch at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022. (image via MAM)
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Most readers will be very familiar with the remarkable achievements of Jerry Yagen, who has established one of the world’s premier flying museums, the Military Aviation Museum, in Pungo, Virginia. Yagen has scoured the earth looking for vintage aircraft to save and restore, an endeavor which he is still pursuing with unrelenting vigor. But after more than three decades of this effort, Mr.Yagen has chosen to document the stories behind some of the more remarkable aircraft within the collection in a new book which will launch at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 tomorrow. It promises to be a fascinating read, for sure!

Entitled Bravo Zulu: My Search to Save Classic Warbirds, 400 advance copies will be available for purchase at Oshkosh, as the museum’s press release details below…

The Founder of the Military Aviation Museum, Jerry Yagen will be joined at AirVenture by some of his favorite Warbirds. The aircraft are traveling from Virginia Beach to support the launch of Yagen’s new book Bravo Zulu: My Search to Save Classic Warbirds. Representing a significant effort to explore the establishment of the collection, as well as the Museum, the book provides a behind-the-scenes tour through some of Yagen’s favorite aircraft, recalling the stories of how they were located, or why they were important historical artifacts to save.

Bravo Zulu also outlines how Yagen amassed one of the largest private warbird collections in the world before deciding, at his wife Elaine’s insistence, to establish the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Virginia so that they could be shared with the public. The book recalls the role of family, and of the larger community of aviation enthusiasts in helping create a Museum unlike any other. Supported with stunning aviation photography, the book explores the tireless searching, the investment in restoration, and the drive to share once lost airplanes with the world.

“Although still ahead of the book’s scheduled release date this fall, 400 advanced copies have been produced and shipped directly to Oshkosh so that attendees will have an opportunity to be the first to get their hands on Bravo Zulu.,” says Keegan Chetwynd, Museum Director. “The official launching of the book will take place at the Warbirds in Review presentation on Tuesday at 10 am, with the first opportunity to purchase books immediately following the presentation. Purchases made at this time will support EAA Warbirds of America!”

Additionally, Bravo Zulu will be on sale through the EAA Warehouse, and the Military Aviation Museum display area in Warbirds. Not going to make it to Oshkosh? You can pre-purchase your copy today at

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