Fundraising for Avro Vulcan XH558’s New Home

A gorgeous shot of Avro Vulcan B.2 XH558 in formation with the Royal Air Force's famed Red Arrows aerobatic display team during the Vulcan's swan song display season in 2015. The Vulcan to the Sky Trust is currently the caretake of the mighty delta bomber, and is raising funds to build her a new home. (photo by Cpl Steve Buckley RAF via wikipedia)

Since the final grounding of Avro Vulcan XH558 in 2015, the organization responsible for looking after the mighty delta wing bomber, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust has been raising funds to construct a new museum building around the aircraft. The following is a recent message from the organization regarding one of the organizations fund raising efforts where members of the public can sponsor her, and have their name permanently, but sympathetically placed on the underside of her giant wing….

The Vulcan seen here flying over the Solent, the famous stretch of water separating the Isle of Wite from Portsmouth harbor in the south of England. (photo by John Dibbs via Vulcan to the Sky Trust)

As celebrations continue marking the Centenary of the Royal Air Force, an invitation to the public to add their names to one of their longest-serving aircraft – Avro Vulcan XH558 – has just weeks remaining for submissions.

In a fitting tribute to one of its longest-serving aircraft in this, the Centenary year of the RAF’s formation, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust is proud to offer a limited-time opportunity for anyone to place their chosen name on a set of plaques on the underside of Vulcan XH558’s massive delta wing.

XH558 first entered RAF service in 1960 and through a varied career spanning nearly 33 years, finished flying as the sole remaining Vulcan on the RAF inventory, acting as the display aircraft between 1986 and 1992 – making her final flight in service on 23rd March 1993.

In 33 years of service, the aircraft served her country and then went on to create her own fame in the custody of a registered charity, being the undisputed star of public air displays for a further eights seasons.

XH558 returned to the air once more in October 2007, after perhaps the most complex and demanding aircraft restoration project ever completed – anywhere in the world. It enabled eight more years of awe-inspiring displays in front of millions of people, creating a phenomenon that would become known as ‘The Vulcan Effect’.

XH558’s final flight was made on 28th October 2015.

A magnificent shot of the mighty delta bomber showing her underside where the names will carefully and sympathetically be placed. (photo by John Dibbs via Vulcan to the Sky Trust)

She has become possibly the most memorable individual aircraft no longer flying since Concorde.

As an icon of British aeronautical design excellence she is now destinined to spend her ground-running life as the centre-piece of an new inspirational Heritage Hangar at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

One of the proposed designs for the Heritage Hangar which will house the Vulcan XH558 alongside her historic stablemate, English Electric Canberra WK163. (photo via Vulcan to the Sky Trust)
English Electric Canberra WK163 will be XH558’s stablemate in the new museum building. The aircraft set several records, and will eventually be restored back to flying condition after a number of years ground-bound. (photo by John Dibbs via Vulcan to the Sky Trust)

Your chosen name could be part of aviation history – featured on an icon of British aeronautical design in perpetuity.

This opportunity is only available for a few more weeks and closes at midnight on Sunday 17th June 2018.

Dr Robert Pleming, speaking on behalf of the Trust that maintains XH558, stated: “As we approach a series of Bank Holidays with family gatherings and the big event of Father’s Day on June 17th, it is perhaps not surprising there has been huge interest in the personalised certificates that come with each name; they are being presented as gifts, with people thinking of relatives and friends who might have a big ocassion coming up later this year.”

The names will be added permanently to the underside of Vulcan XH558’s Wing; each dedication receiving a personalised certificate that acts as a commemorative receipt for the requested donation of just £30. Perfect for personal indulgence, and certainly as gifts or in memoriam of a loved-one.

An example of how donors’ names will appear on the underside of XH558’s delta wing. (photo via Vulcan to the Sky Trust)

Support for this plaque will contribute to the Trust’s work to secure the new home for XH558 and to build a brighter future for heritage aircraft preservation, restoration and operation. XH558 will help provide inspiration for a whole new generation of engineering and technical talent by enthusing youngsters with the excitement of aviation.

Donors to Vulcan XH558 will also receive a certificate of gratitude. (image via Vulcan to the Sky Trust)

Further updates on the aircraft and new building will be announced in the Trust’s regular Friday e-mail newsletters. You can sign-up to these newsletters at

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A symbol of Cold War nuclear deterrence and one of the most unique heavy bombers ever made, the Avro Vulcan is the pinnacle of British V-Bomber designs. Through determination and perseverance the Vulcan To The Sky Trust has accomplished what many thought impossible.


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