Unveiling the Qantas 747 Retro Lounge Exhibit

Qantas Founders Museum is excited to announce all visitors coming into the Main Museum Hall will now be able to experience a custom-made mock replica of the 1970s Boeing 747 First Class Retro Lounge. The First Class Upper Deck Lounge was a part of the first B747-200 aircraft Qantas received in 1971 and were later replaced in 1979 by Qantas’s first Business class deck 747 which we have in our collection.

The exact mock-up replica Lounge has been built to scale using original aircraft interiors features seating for up to 15 passengers inclusive with a cocktail bar. The colour of the seats are a token of the seventies with colours consisting of burnt orange, violet and aquamarine with the fabrics and colours are all recreated to match the originals. The upper deck Lounge was built to use in Qantas’ Centenary safety video and has since kindly been sent by Qantas Airways to Qantas Founders Museum on a long-term loan. From the 747 retirement joy flights Qantas donated part of the funds to Qantas Founders Museum to help fund the installation costs of the upper deck lounge.

747 Retro Lounge Exhibit in the Museum

Qantas Founders Museum was excited to host the Qantas Board on 21st April 2021 as they unveiled the retro lounge and to show them through the original National Heritage Qantas Hangar, Main Museum Hall and through the Airpark and aircraft within the collection. Qantas Founders Museum CEO Tony Martin said, “It is great to have the Qantas Board here to unveil the upper deck replica lounge. We are looking forward to having this new exhibit on showcase within our Museum Hall which will be taking travel and aviation enthusiasts with a trip down memory lane for many years to come.”

Qantas Chief Customer Officer Stephanie Tully said the airline was delighted to share an important part of Qantas’ one hundred year history with the Museum. “The Boeing 747 aircraft made international travel possible for millions of people for the first time with lower airfares and non-stop flights and the Queen of the Skies was a much-loved aircraft. The upper deck lounge was an exclusive retreat for passengers travelling in First class and we have customers who still talk about this lounge with great fondness today,” said Ms Tully.

Qantas Foundation Memorial Chairman Mr John Vincent said, “It is great to be able to have the Retro Lounge on display within the Museum and will pair nicely with the 1979 Boeing 747 aircraft we have on display in our Airpark.”

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