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Filmmaker Kim Furst joins Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio LIVE tonight to discuss her latest project: FLYING THE FEATHERED EDGE – The Bob Hoover Project. Hear the stories first hand from legendary aviator and aviation pioneer, R.A. “Bob” Hoover. In FLYING THE FEATHERED EDGE, Bob Hoover tells his own story – and shares, with his trademark charm, the hard earned wisdom of a life spent pushing the edge of the envelope while contributing to aviation’s many developments. Call in this Tuesday night (2/3/15 at 8pm EASTERN) with your questions and comments. In addition to Mr. Hoover, the film also includes Harrison Ford, Dick and Burt Rutan, Carroll Shelby, Gene Cernan, Medal of Honor Recipient Colonel ‘Bud’ Day, Clay Lacy, General Jack Dailey, and Sean D. Tucker.

 Kim-Furst-HeadshotAbout Kim Furst: Filmmaker Kim Furst is an award-winning director and editor of popular documentaries. Recent work as producer/director includes episodes of PBS’s The Horsemen Cometh, the “Making Of” documentaries for Mission Impossible 3 (winning the Golden Satellite Award for “Best DVD Extras”) and 25th Anniversary of Risky Business among others. This is Kim’s fifth aviation-related documentary as film editor, with credits including Discovery Channel’s three part series Rocket Challenge, Wings Over the Rockies starring Harrison Ford, and the General Aviation classic One Six Right: The Romance of Flying (PBS, Discovery HD). Awards as producer/director include Rising Star 2012 from the Canada International Film Festival, 2012 Golden Ace Award from the Las Vegas International Film Festival, and Independent Film Quarterly’s Best Music Video 2011.

We will also check in with the guys from warbirdsnews.dev for the latest headlines.  Thanks for tuning in!

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