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Sean Tucker and his T-6. (photo via Warbird Radio)

Sean Tucker and his T-6. (photo via Warbird Radio)
Sean Tucker and his T-6. (photo via Warbird Radio)

Tonight on Warbird Radio LIVE!, Matt Jolley will interview world famous aerobatics pilot Sean D. Tucker.

WARBIRD RADIO – March is Safety Month on Warbird Radio.com and we’re honored to have legendary aviator Sean D. Tucker on Warbird Radio LIVE to kick things off. With more than 20,000 flight hours, Sean D. Tucker is “Aerobatics’ Own Ambassador”. Fiercely competitive, Sean readily admits he was once afraid of flying. To conquer his fears, he enrolled in an aerobatic training course.

By 1988, Sean was crowned the U.S. National Advanced Category Aerobatic Champion and is now one of the premiere air show performers and aerobatic pilots in the world. Tune in this Tuesday evening 03/03/15 at 8pm (EASTERN) for candid safety discussion. For more information on Sean D. Tucker and Tutima Academy click on the Quick Link posted below. Thanks for tuning in!

QUICK LINK: Tutima Academy


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