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Bail out stations on a B-25 Mitchell
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Bail out stations on a B-25 Mitchell
Bail out stations on a B-25 Mitchell

Tonight on Warbird Radio LIVE! With the continuing focus on aviation practices for Safety Month, Matt Jolley will focus on when and how to bail out of an aircraft.

As Jolley continues… “Safety Month is almost over so we’re talking about making a safe exit. Nobody wants to abandon ship, but if and when the time comes, it’s paramount that you know how to do it safely and that you’re prepared with the correct equipment. This Tuesday night (3/24/15) we’ve assembled the best of our safety month conversations on safe egress. Hear first-hand from egress experts and parachute manufactures on safe strategies for getting out of our airplane.

Tune in and join the conversation this Tuesday night at 8pm (EASTERN). Many thanks for listening!

Matt Jolley



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