Trio of WWI Fokker Reproductions Head Down Under


Fokkers loaded in shipping container bound for Australia (Photo credit: TAVAS)
Fokkers loaded in shipping container bound for Australia
(Photo credit: TAVAS)
With the Centenary of the First World War fast approaching, the Australian Vintage Aviation Society (TAVAS) has announced that in addition to their recently acquired Fokker Dr.1 which is almost ready to fly, they have reached an agreement with Achim Engels of Fokker-Team-Schordorf, the world’s premier builder of reproduction WWI aircraft, for TVAS to take long-term possession of three reproduction Fokkers, an E.III, D.VII and a D.VIII.

Each of the planes has been meticulously crafted and are nearly complete. The terms of the long-term loan agreement stipulate that TAVAS complete the planes to an airworthy standard and display them at flying events in Australia, with the craft being returned in flying condition to Achem in Germany in 2030.

“The D.VIII is the most complete aircraft, only missing an engine and will be the first aircraft TAVAS will have flying. The E.III and D.VII will take a little longer as they still require some construction, engine and instruments, covering and finishing,” says TAVAS founding director Andrew Carter, “I knew Achim was capable of out of the box thinking, but this has taken even me by surprise. His generosity has given us the chance to bring accurate WW1 reproductions to the Australian public and demonstrate these aircraft as they were almost 100 years ago. We will operate his new aircraft alongside our Fokker Dr.I Triplane and Sopwith Pup.”

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