The B-25 History Project Acquires Rare 8-Gun B-25 “Strafer” Nose

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The B-25 History Project is an organization dedicated to the preservation of the immortal North American B-25 Mitchell. Their mission is to preserve the history and artifacts related to this significant type. The B-25 History Project is doing a remarkable job of delving into every aspect of the aircraft production and service, and making sure it is recorded for posterity. They have also been working hard to preserve actual Mitchell airframes and components, and recently acquired a rare, original 8-gun nose section, a component which only a handful of preserved B-25s currently wear. The following press release includes further details about this recent development, including their plans to restore and display it…

The B-25 History Project is proud to announce their most significant project to date. We have started the restoration of a B-25 8 gun “strafer” nose. Designed for use as a modification to the B-25H and B-25J models, this iconic piece of World War II aviation history was devastating to enemy shipping and helped turn the tide of war in the Pacific. Our goal is to honor the men and women who built the B-25 by allowing today’s generation an opportunity to view the detailed work they did so many years ago. In order to get the best view of every aspect of this restoration, we are building a custom-designed stand based upon one actually used at North American Aviation’s Kansas City plant; this will allow easy access from every angle. Only one other B-25 8 gun nose (Betty’s Dream) is known to be restored to the level that we will achieve. Prolific B-25 restoration expert, Carl Scholl, is responsible for the work on Betty’s Dream and our restoration will only be possible with his cooperation.

Restoration is not the only aspect of the B-25 History Project’s activities. With twelve of the world’s most respected B-25 historians currently cooperating to build one of the most comprehensive databases of B-25 data, we have an amazing amount of information on every single airframe ever built. Although just a few months into its development, this database currently has over 750,000 airframe history data points culled from many different sources varying from Air Force records to test pilot flight log reports. The database will eventually include information from Missing Aircrew Reports as well as Accident Reports. We are also starting to build a database of every single name mentioned in the issues of the North Ameri-Kansan (the weekly newsletter from the Kansas City plant). We have about 180 of the 187 issues currently digitized in our archives. We hope to have both of these databases available to the general public for their own research in the future.

The B-25 History Project is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to honor and preserve the history of the B-25 and the men and women who built, flew and maintain them; past, present, and future. That mission is not possible without the generous support from people like you. Every one of us is a volunteer, so 100% of donations will go towards furthering our mission. If you would like to donate please visit our website at Thank you in advance for your support.

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