EAA Warbirds of America Launches New Safety Website

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wpsynd19746EAA Warbirds of America has just launched a new website, www.warbirdsafety.com. Developed in cooperation with the International Council of Air Shows, the site is dedicated to disseminating information on warbird safety and best practices for warbird operators, ground crews and event operators, providing easy to read safety practices that should be reviewed often, most before every flight.

Presently the site is split into two main sections, “Pilot” and “Aircraft” and is planned to expand. The intention is to provide concise, 500 word or less articles and procedures that can quickly be reviewed by any warbird operator. In that vein, the site welcomes input from owners and operators of warbird aircraft and encourages the submission of articles for consideration of inclusion. Articles are recommended to be approximately 500 words or less.

Useful articles will be archived on the site and available for review by current or new warbird enthusiasts with no requirement for membership in EAA Warbirds of America or cost to access this invaluable information. Although this site is still in its infancy, we would expect content on the site to increase rapidly as they get submissions from the warbird community. The site is also planned to include ground safety and flight operation procedures in the near future and will help our community fulfill the goal to Keep ’em flying, safely.

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