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After twenty-five years in Central Florida, Warbird Adventures, the vintage aircraft flying school, has moved to its own airport (18SC) in the town of Ninety Six, South Carolina. Offering warbird intro flights, checkouts, and a variety of pilot training services, Warbird Adventures affords both pilots and non-pilots the opportunity to fly—or just have fun in—aircraft such as North American’s T-6 Texan, and American Champion’s Citabria and Super Decathlon aerobatic trainers.

A gorgeous study of Warbird Adventure’s two-seat, dual-control P-40N Warhawk. (photo by Mike Killian)

Company founder, Thom Richard, describes warbirds as quintessential time-machines, and says of the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk he flies in air-show performances, “When you go fly above the clouds in one of these airplanes and look out on the wing-tip, there’s no way for you to tell if it’s 2022 or 1942.”

Warbird Adventures new, South Carolina base of operations — dubbed American Dreams Sky Ranch — features a bed & breakfast, aircraft maintenance facilities, and a regulation aerobatics box. In addition to its popular two and four-day T-6 courses, Warbird Adventures offers rudimentary and aerobatics flight instruction, tail-wheel endorsements, and warbird intro flights and training. In the future, the company plans to host its own air show, and to offer seaplane instruction on Greenwood Lake, a sizable body of water approximately six-miles northwest of 18SC.

Our very own Moreno “Mo” Aguiari, in cooperation with AeroNews Network, had the opportunity to speak with Thom during this year’s EAA Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo to learn more about the latest development with Warbird Adventures. See the video interview below…

While Ninety Six is a very small town, it has a lot of history, which includes being the site of the first American Revolutionary land battle South of New England. It is also famous for its Star Fort, the National Ninety Six Historic Site, which contains the only known surviving military tunnels dating from the American Revolutionary War.

Of his new airfield home, Thom Richard noted: “It’s a private strip out in the country – it’s just us! It’s a less populated area with a less crowded airspace; it’s ideal for training. We’ll have accommodations on the property, so it’s going to be very welcoming for our customers. We’ll have a couple of hangars on the property, a house, but we’re going to expand. This is not a downsizing move for Warbirds Adventures, but rather it is an opportunity to expand.

The beautiful American Dreams Sky Ranch in the town of Ninety Six, South Carolina

We wish Thom Richard and his team all the best for a new and exciting chapter in Warbird Adventures’ history. For more information about Warbird Adventures, please visit or follow their Facebook page.

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