B-25 Snapshot #1- B-25’s At The 2012 Doolittle Reunion

The 2012 Doolittle Reunion

e-publications republished with the permission of B-25  MITCHELL  ASSOCIATION

This is our first issue of a new e-publication, the B-25 SNAPSHOT. This will be one picture sent in from our members per issue with minimal text added, as opposed to a B-25 SHOWCASE, that will have a combination of digital images, historical data, and YouTube videos.

“Norm Ellickson at the Yankee Air Museum forwarded the info to me regarding the Association. I would like to join. Currently I am a crew member on the “Yankee Warrior” and directly involved with its maintenance.

I thought you might find this photo interesting. It was taken at the Doolittle Reunion in 2012 while on the ramp at the Air Force Museum. They had a lift there on Sunday morning for the Air Force staff photographer. I bummed a ride up and took this picture. It is not very often that you will see that many B-25s in one place anymore. “Panchito” is in the front, and our “Yankee Warrior” is fourth back in the left row.”

Bruce K Stoddart
B-25 Yankee Warrior Crew

The 2012 Doolittle Reunion
The 2012 Doolittle Reunion

Look for more of Bruce’s excellent B-25 images in future issues of B-25 SNAPSHOT. This one should be framed and added to every B-25 enthusiast’s wall collection!

We encourage all members to send in their digital images of B-25s for e-publication in B-25 SNAPSHOT or B-25 SHOWCASE.

Thank you.

Rick Mitchell
Editor and Founder

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