B-25 Blast #3 – Membership Reaches 75 Members

e-publications republished with the permission of B-25  MITCHELL  ASSOCIATION

After a week and a half of operation, we are pleased to announce that membership in our B-25 MITCHELL ASSOCIATION has reached the 75 members mark. Congratulations once again to all those who
signed on to receive e-publications, and thank you for so many supportive emails. This is a dedicated group of individuals who are truly great to work with.

Please don’t forget to tell others who are interested in the B-25 about our Association. Small groups like ours grow into much bigger organizations fastest by word of mouth recommendations. Our Association is a great opportunity to share your B-25 stories and pictures with others while developing the heritage of the Mitchell bombers.

Special thanks and recognition are long overdue for Larry Kelley who flies “Panchito” for recognizing our Association just as it went live on the web and for forwarding our introductory information to so many others in our B-25 community, many of whom are now very supportive members of our B-25 MITCHELL ASSOCIATION. That was a huge boost for our Association, Larry. Thank you, very much.

Thank you, too, to our members for giving me the great opportunity to write about and promote the legacy of the B-25, certainly one of the most important contributors to the war effort and still a very strong favorite today.

One final point, but on a different subject: When you joined the Association, you were most likely sent an assortment of back issues of all our e-publications, but in most cases, you did not receive everything published to date. If you want to complete your collection, then take a look at our website at our “Back Issues” tab to see a list of all past issues. If you want a missing back issue, then just email us and we will send those missing issues to you.

Thank you.
Rick Mitchell
Editor and Founder

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