B-25 Association Membership reaches 50 Members

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e-publications republished with the permission of B-25  MITCHELL  ASSOCIATION
B-25    BLAST    #2    –    MEMBERSHIP    REACHES    50    MEMBERS
 After one week of operation, we are pleased to announce that membership in the B-25 MITCHELL ASSOCIATION has reached the 50 members mark. Congratulations to all those who signed up for membership to receive e-publications, and thank you for so many supportive emails.
Our thanks to all of you for responding and joining. What an impressive bomber the B-25 truly is, and the messages and pictures that we are receiving are incredible. Future issues of B-25 SHOWCASE, B-25 SNAPSHOT and B-25 CLASSICS will make for great reading for our B-25 faithful.
Please don’t forget to tell others who are interested in the B-25 about our Association. Small groups like ours grow into much bigger organizations fastest by word of mouth recommendations. Our Association is a great opportunity to share your B-25 stories and pictures with others while promoting the legacy of the Mitchell bombers.
Thank you, too, for giving me the opportunity to write about the B-25.

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