Aviation Cultures Mk.V Conference Set For March 2021

Very few technologies have increased human mobility over long distances as much as aircraft have, but we are currently living in a world less connected by air than it has been for decades. Aviation has faced serious challenges before, and understanding those circumstances can help us navigate the present crisis and prepare for the future of flight.

Aviation Cultures is a series of conferences where researchers and practitioners come together to share their knowledge and ideas about flight, and its place in history and society. First held in 2015, Aviation Cultures has grown and evolved from small beginnings into major gatherings of people interested in not just what aircraft are and what they can do, but also what they mean, and have meant. To understand what Aviation Cultures is all about, please read more about the organization’s history and what past conferences have discussed.

The 2021 event will take place in an online format from March 25th through 28th. The organizers have invited experts, whether they are professionals, academics or just deeply knowledgeable, to help answer questions about how aviation has changed the world, and how the world has changed aviation.

Aviation Cultures Big Brief from Aviation Cultures on Vimeo.

While some sessions for Aviation Cultures Mk.V are still under development, the organizing committee is very keen to include your suggestions and ideas for topics. Sessions will be hosted by knowledge experts, but the organizers are keen to see wide participation from early-career researchers and people with unique expertise rarely shared with a wider audience, as well as from experienced specialists.

Registration ticket costs, including concession rates are to be confirmed, but as already noted, the event will take place online, including live video chat, panel discussions, and pre-uploaded video and written presentations. For more information please visit www.aviationcultures.org

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