Arsenal of Democracy Flyover Receives Significant FAA Approvals to Proceed

Photo by Moose Peterson
DDS 729

Photo by Moose Peterson
Photo by Moose Peterson

PRESS RELEASE – Washington, DC—The Arsenal of Democracy: WWII Victory Capitol Flyover announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued the necessary approvals for the Flyover to take place in restricted airspace over the nation’s capital on May 8, 2015, the 70th anniversary of the Allied Victory in Europe. During the Flyover, a diverse array of World War II aircraft will fly in historically sequenced formations to commemorate the War’s major battles, from Pearl Harbor to D-Day, ending with a missing man formation to “Taps.”The approvals will permit a wide variety of vintage aircraft to fly in restricted airspace along the National Mall after Flyover organizers documented how these flight operations will be conducted safely and within safety parameters established by the FAA. In issuing the approvals, the FAA noted that the “public interest is served by the educational and historic value of this single signature event in commemorating this significant milestone in history.”

The Flyover’s Executive Committee—composed of Commemorative Air Force President and CEO Stephan C. Brown, General Aviation Manufacturers Association President and CEO Pete Bunce, International Council of Air Shows President John Cudahy, National Air Traffic Controllers Association President Paul Rinaldi, and Doug Rozendaal of the Texas Flying Legends Museum—issued the following statement upon receiving the approvals: “We are extremely grateful to the FAA for working with us so diligently to clear the airspace along the National Mall and allow the Flyover to occur on the 70 Victory in Europe Day. The FAA has been a tremendous partner in allowing us to safely stage this historic event that recognizes the thousands of heroes fighting in the War and those on the home front who manufactured the tanks, ships, and aircraft that enabled the United States and its Allies to achieve victory. We sincerely appreciate their support.”

To learn more about the Flyover, including how you can help support and be involved with this once-in-a-lifetime event, please visit

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