Aluminum Overcast Soared Over Lambeau, Video Taken From The Bomb Bay

Aluminum Overcast Tight ¾ Angle

After all the sequestration wasn’t that bad for warbird operators. In fact since when the military flybys were stopped, along with air show appearances, due to the sequestration many warbird organizations replaced what the USAF and US NAVY  used to do. On November 26, 2013  the  EAA’s historic World War II B-17 bomber Aluminum Overcast performed a true first on Sunday when it made the pregame flyover at Lambeau Field before the Green Bay Packers-Minnesota Vikings National Football League game.

Purchased as surplus from the military inventory for a mere $750 in 1946, the airplane has flown more than 1 million miles. It has served as a cargo hauler, an aerial mapping platform and in pest control and forest dusting applications.
The airplane’s return to its military roots began in 1978, when it was purchased by a group of investors who wished to preserve the heritage of the magnificent B-17. The group, “B-17s Around the World,” was headed by Dr. Bill Harrison. Their goal was to return the B-17 to its former glory.The economic reality of simply maintaining a vintage bomber, let alone the cost of restoration, prompted the group to donate the B-17 to the Experimental Aircraft Assocation in 1983. Since that time, an extensive program of restoration and preservation was undertaken to insure Aluminum Overcast would be a living reminder of World War II aviation for many years to come. The restoration has taken more than 10 years and thousands of hours by dedicated staff and volunteers at EAA Oshkosh, Wisconsin, headquarters ( Source EAA – B-17).

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 10.32.14 PMEAA pilot Sean Elliott said “It was absolutely a thrill to fly over the stadium,It was packed full of fans and we could feel the stadium erupt when we flew over with the bomb bay door open.” Elliott said that he could see the 48 x 108 foot Mitsubishi Diamond Vision replay screen. “It sure was strange seeing the airplane on the screen as we flew over,” he remarked.

Watch this cool video of the flyby from aboard Aluminum Overcast

Here’s just some of the event’s media coverage and submitted footage.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photo gallery
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story
Photo in Appleton Post-Crescent website
Video from the Field
Video from aboard Aluminum Overcast

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