B-25 Video #1-Mike Pupich’s “HEAVENLY BODY”

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Association member Bruce Guberman started flying B-25s in 1974 and has 1,100 hours in the Mitchell.
He sent us the following video about B-25 “Heavenly Body.” This is a beautifully filmed, edited and sound tracked video that we are sending out as our first separate B-25 VIDEO.
“Here is a link to an old video that I uploaded to YouTube.
It is a video that was taped in January 2001. It is VHS format, so the quality is not great.
The caption that I added on YouTube is, “In memory of Mike Pupich. North American B-25 “Heavenly Body” Mitchell Bomber.” 
Bruce Guberman
B-25 Heavenly Body


Thank you, Bruce.

We encourage all members of the B-25 MITCHELL ASSOCIATION to send in their digital images of B-25s, or links to other interesting B-25 related sites or YouTube videos, for consideration for e-publication.

Thank you.

Rick Mitchell
Editor and Founder

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  1. I love the B-25. Have a type rating in it. If anyone is looking for a B-25 pilot. I’m you man. I’m single and can travel.

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