B-25 Showcase #7- John Ward’s B-25J “Old Glory”

Aircorps Art Dec 2019

e-publications republished with the permission of B-25  MITCHELL  ASSOCIATION

John Ward in California owns “Old Glory, ” serial number 44-28938, a beautifully polished, natural finish B-25J.

This incredible Mitchell has had a long career over its lifetime, ranging from Army Air Force bomber in WWII in the Mediterranean, to civilian fire bomber and tanker, to suffering a forced landing and being placed in storage, to another complete restoration, and finally to back in the air in its current military configuration.

Here is a link to the Aerial Visuals Airframe Dossier site with historical information about this B-25: Click HERE

And here is a link to the Warbirds Resource Group with detailed additional information: Click HERE

We are also very fortunate to have a YouTube videos showing 44-28938. This is an excellent overview of “Old Glory” showing it at its Wing as well as performing at air shows or other aerial displays.

B-25 Mitchell “Old Glory” & Friends
(9 min, 57 sec)

We encourage all members of the B-25 MITCHELL ASSOCIATION to send in their digital images of B-25s, or links to other interesting B-25 related sites or YouTube videos, for consideration for e-publication in B-25 SHOWCASE.

Thank you.

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