B-25 Showcase #6 – History Flight’s Rare B-25H “BARBIE III”

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One of the rarest B-25 Mitchell bombers surviving today is B-25H, Serial number 43-4106, “Barbie III,” operated by History Flight.

As far as firepower goes with World War II aircraft, it is hard to top the might that a B-25H was capable of.

Recently, we heard from John Makinson from History Flight who included the three images of Barbie III with his email. As Jon told us:

I got an email from Larry Kelly and I am interested in learning more about the B-25 Association.
We are Barbie III, the only flying B-25H model.
Our foundation is History Flight….found at Historyflight.com


John Makinson
Chief Pilot/ Director of Maintenance
History Flight

Thank you, John, for your excellent pictures.

To learn more of the history of this incredible B-25H Mitchell, take a look at these historical sites:

Here is a link to the Aerial Visuals Airframe Dossier with a detailed history of 43-4106: Click HERE

This is a shorter history from the Warbirds Resource Group: Click HERE

And to view History Flight’s website about their B-25H: Click HERE

We are also very fortunate to have four excellent YouTube videos showing this B-25H from inside and out:

B-25 “H” Barbie III Quick Walk-Around
(32 sec)

The last flying B-25H bomber, Barbie III My first bomber ride! Part 1
(7 min, 19 sec)

B-25 Barbie III – We go for a ride! Part 2 My first WWII bomber ride.
(11 min, 57 sec)

B-25 Flight with Barbie III at Grimes Field in Urbana OH 4-15-12
(12 min, 55 sec)

We encourage all members of the B-25 MITCHELL ASSOCIATION to send in their digital images of B-25s, or links to other interesting B-25 related sites or YouTube videos, for consideration for e-publication in B-25 SHOWCASE.

Thank you.

Rick Mitchell
Editor and Founder


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  1. Hi

    Is the Barbie on a schedule to locations within the conus. If so could u provide them. My son is a member of the Thunderbirds joining the first time in 2016 stationed out of Las Vegas, Nellis AFB

    Let me know

    Jim Pait Deland Florida.

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