Warbird Radio Favorite Friday – Jack Roush

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WarbirdsNews has another great piece from Matt Jolley and Warbird Radio that we thought we would share with you this morning for Warbird Radio Favorite Friday! This week Matt Jolley will revisit a conversation with the indomitable Jack Roush. As Matt Jolley recounts, “One of my favorite nights at Warbird Radio.com happened when legendary aviator and motorsports guy Jack Roush came on the Warbird Rescue show. Chris Henry and Rob Morelli did a great job and Mr. Roush shelled out some meaningful advice. He’s a true gentleman. I like this interview so much because it’s incredibly real. There’s no fuss or special editing, it is as it was. If you’re a Mustang fan, whether it be the car or plane, I know you’ll enjoy it…. but believe me, there’s plenty of life advise here for everyone to walk away with something. Until next week…”

Click HERE to hear the podcast.

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