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Fitters making adjustments to the tailplane of Mosquito HJ728 at Hatfield during WWII. The People's Mosquito is moving ever closer to their own ability to put the finishing touches on their Mosquito, given the initial success of their Operation Jericho 2020 fund-raising campaign. (IWM photo)
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A short time ago, we announced that the People’s Mosquito had just initiated a fund-raiser to help them gather additional funds to both complete the fuselage moulds for their deHavilland Mosquito project along with money for construction of the fuselage itself. Dubbed Operation Jericho 2020, the funding campaign has got off to a significant start, and we thought our readers would enjoy learning about what they have accomplished so far in the short period since this appeal began…

Great news! In just over one week, your support so far has generated just over £20,000!
A big THANK YOU to all those who have donated to date.
This campaign was launched during unprecedented times: the coronavirus lockdown has meant peoples’ livelihoods are at risk, there’s an understandable focus on supporting our incredible NHS and key workers here in the UK, and the 2020 air show season has been largely cancelled.
Despite these challenges, your incredible support means work on RL249 and the first fuselage moulds to be built in the UK in more than 70 years, continues.
Our first Platinum package was snapped up by a warbird enthusiast from Belgium! Since then, we’ve had Platinum sign-ups from the UK and the USA. In fact, donations have come in from all over the world, underlining the global appeal The People’s Mosquito now has.
Your donations make a difference 
Funds raised are being channelled directly into mould construction. Your donations have enabled Retrotec to place the next order for jelutong hardwood. We’ll be providing a photographic update of progress shortly.
The fuselage moulds are already under construction at Retrotec’s facility. (image via People’s Mosquito)
The People’s Mosquito remains a lean organisation, run entirely by volunteers. We carry no significant overheads, so almost every penny you donate is pumped into the return to flight of a UK-restored Mosquito.
Your opportunity to add your name to the Mosquito story
Operation Jericho 2020 has been designed to give options to suit every budget, with exclusive reward packages starting at as little as £25.
How else can you help? Please share this update with friends and networks via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. By raising awareness of our exciting restoration you’ll be helping to accelerate progress.

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