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Doc emerging from the hangar. (photo by Brett Schauf VLG LLC)
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Doc emerging from the hangar. (photo by Brett Schauf VLG LLC)
Doc emerging from the hangar. (photo by Brett Schauf VLG LLC)

Doc’s Friends Media Team is  happy to announce that  they will be able to offer a live webcast to the public on our website for the first engine start and testing event scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 18.  The webcast will be a single camera shot with occasional narration and it will be up beginning at 8 a.m. CT on Friday. While the event is not open to the public due to security and safety concerns, they encourage aviation enthusiasts to report that the stream will be available via and  HERE on Warbirds News (Player below) Again, the live stream video will not be available until 8 a.m. CT tomorrow morning. ** THE EVENT IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC**




  1. I KNEW there was a reason I had to get up early today, and I stumbled upon this!!!!!

    I’ve been very loosely following the story of Doc ever since he was recovered from China Lake NWC.

    VERY WELL DONE, EVERYBODY!!!!!!!! He’s absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Just a quick note to thank you and everyone involved in project “Doc”. A special thank you for making the live feed available of the “Historic” engine start this morning. I appreciate the opportunity to have witnessed history in the making.

  3. Best of luck with everything, waiting for Doc to make his Grand appearance on the aviation scene! It will be fun to watch Doc and Fifi together! Hope all goes smoothly! Keep on Truckin!

  4. It looks like engine #2 was being a little temperamental. Did they sort out what was troubling it? Great job and can’t wait until she is open to the public.

  5. Well done everyone!! I cannot wait to see DOC at Oshkosh. My father flew in 29s from1947-50.and taught school on the remote control gun turret systems on the 29. It is a beautiful airplane, I saw FiFi fly in Clorado back in the 70s and still remember the sight awesome. Best of luck and thank you for getting DOC back into air

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