B-17G “Lacey Lady” Safely in The Hangar

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B-17G “Lacey Lady” Transported

WarbirdsNews has been following the gradual dismantling of the B-17G Flying Fortress known as Lacey Lady since earlier this summer. The recovery crew lowered the aircraft from her perch above the now-closed gas station in Milwaukie, Oregon during August, 2014, but the actual disassembly process has taken some months due to the availability of volunteer workers, coupled with the difficulty of taking apart any mechanical structure so long exposed to the elements. Getting the Lacey Lady down and moved indoors was truly a group effort. Emmet International of Portland Oregon, Ricks Crane Service, Axis Crane, Gresham Trucking, Oregon Iron Works, Parr Lumber Company, and many volunteers pulled together to get the job done. We are happy to report that final pieces are now inside, and under cover in a hangar at McNary Field in Salem, Oregon.

Early in the morning on December 6th, 2014 Jayson Scott, grandson to the B-17’s original owner, Art Lacey, led a convoy of vehicles carrying Lacey Lady’s fuselage to McNary Field, the historic former Salem Army Airfield. It was a smooth journey, and now Lacey Lady is indoors for the first time since 1945.

B-17G “Lacey Lady” Wing

The B-17 Alliance Group is the organization behind Lacey Lady’s restoration. After the holiday break they will begin preparing the facility in Salem to allow  public tours of the new museum and to observe the B-17 during her restoration. They expect to open the museum by early spring 2015. They also have several events planned for 2015, including a warbird and vintage aircraft fly in. WarbirdsNews will continue to bring you updates as they occur. Anyone wishing to help with the restoration should visit HEREe to see how you can contribute.

B-17G “Lacey Lady” in the hangar

Warbirds News will be bringing readers regular status updates, and information on how to contribute.Anyone interested in learning more, or contributing should visit www.b17alliancegroup.com. Sean O’Brien can be contacted directly at warbirdcrazy@yahoo.com

Thanks to Sean O’Brien ,Director Of Operations B-17 Alliance Group, for the update and pictures. Keep up the good work boys!


  1. hope you guys had a good holiday and are rested for the big job ahead. I wish that I could come and do some unskilled labor to help you, but I am on the East Coast and can’t get there.

  2. Vhen i waw 8 years old in 1944 i play in the B;17 crashed ” Ombre Ago ”
    I will like to send some dollars for the Lady Lacey ; Salutations

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