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PRESS RELEASE – The producers of the Emmy Award winning PBS hit Red Tail Reborn have now created a new aviation series; The Restorers – Season 1. The new documentary series will be available this Veterans Day as a box set on DVD or BluRay.The Restorers – Season 1 is an exciting new series about warbird and vintage aircraft restorers and the planes they resurrect from the graves of history. Each one-hour episode is themed, containing several stories in each episode. This first season’s episodes are: Living History, Aircraft Recovery, The Aviatrix, Aviation Destinations and They Were All Volunteers.The Restorers – Season 1 Box Set will be available through several online outlets, most notably: . The Restorers – They Were All Volunteers has earned two Emmy awards in 2012.  Producer Kara Martinelli and Director Adam White won for Best Writing and Technical Achievement for the film. Ron Kaplan – National Aviation Hall Of Fame said “When it comes to sharing aviation history, The Restorers is in a league of its own. Whether or not you’re a warbird buff, enjoy the cinematic adventure through time and meet some unforgettable characters along the way”

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The filmakers

Adam White


Adam, a graduate of the film program from Wright State University, has won multiple regional Emmy awards for both of his PBS films The Restorers and Red Tail Reborn. With over 15 years of experience, Adam has worked on most every type of media in many different roles. He now concentrates his time as a director/cinematographer with a specialty in SteadiCam.

Kara Martinelli


Kara has recently Produced Hemlock Film’s Rise Above , a documentary film/ traveling exhibit for the CAF’s Red Tail Squadron. She spent several years in New York City, where she had worked as a Producer creating spots for Food Network, USA, Touchstone Energy. Her experience also includes various production work with Comedy Central, HBO, A&E, E!, NBC, Bravo, ESPN, PBS Thirteen, and TBS.

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  1. Fire in their belly to protect the future of our country and our society was a gift, a very Giant Gift. One we must value, share and pass forward for ever.

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