Boschung Global Sells Unique, Two-Seat Messerschmitt Bf 109G-12

Boschung Global Aviation has a number of iconic warbirds on its books, and recently sold this extremely rare two-seat Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter-trainers. (photo by Richard Paver via Boschung Global Aviation)


Boschung Global Ltd (BGA), a provider of aviation brokerage, acquisition, marketing and consulting services, is pleased to announce the recent sale of an airworthy Messerschmitt Bf 109G-12 two seat trainer, a unique aircraft from their world-class warbird inventory.

This rare version of the Luftwaffe’s famous fighter features dual controls and, although currently powered by the reliable and easier-to-maintain Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, has the capacity for refitting with an original Daimler Benz DB 605 powerplant; everything firewall forward (the so-called ‘power egg’) can be swapped out in short order. The aircraft has the potential to offer passenger rides allowing enthusiasts to experience the feeling of flying in one of the most iconic fighter aircraft in history.

It is appropriate that BGA, having advertised the aircraft for just a few short months, not only found a buyer, but also placed the aircraft with a Germany-based owner. This is a welcome outcome, given the aircraft’s heritage and that it was formerly on charge with the largest and finest private warbird collection in the country. This was made possible through the hard work of BGA’s highly-qualified warbird professionals who have a decade of experience negotiating both the purchase and sale of exotic aircraft from around the globe through their extensive network, all of which is based on a highly respected company brand. This in turn lends itself to a competitive advantage when it comes to exclusivity, because BGA is trusted to market significant aircraft for its clients as they know BGA’s reputation is second-to-none. The company’s global marketing intelligence and flexibility, which includes the option of selling directly into BGA’s inventory, means that every possible opportunity is explored in order to satisfy client needs – no matter if they are selling or buying.

The recently-sold Bf 109G-12 had belonged to The Air Fighter Academy/Hangar 10 on Usedom island. The organization has built up one of the finest collections of classic and warbird aircraft in Europe, operating fighters and trainers from the major WWII combatants in the European Theatre. They operate as a living museum and even offer rides to the public in some of their airframes. In so doing, they honor the young pilots of all nations who flew these types in anger. The collection features such famous fighters as the Spitfire, Mustang and Yak, but arguably pride of place goes to Willy Messerschmitt’s legendary creation.

Until this sale, The Air Fighter Academy/Hangar 10 boasted three of Messerschmitt’s finest, which is now good news for those who were considering the purchase of the two seater, but hesitated just too long. This is because BGA is also in a position to offer both the Bf 109G-6 and the recently flown Bf 109G-14 to anyone wanting to own the classic Luftwaffe fighter model. Both of these aircraft were rebuilt to exacting standards, and are powered by original Daimler Benz engines. They are the finest examples offered for sale in decades. With the marketing power which has placed BGA at the forefront of worldwide warbird sales, it is unlikely that these aircraft will be available for long. Whether purchased for the pleasure of flight, or for a sound and ever-increasing return-on-investment, you can be sure that ownership of these aircraft will prove a wise decision long term. For those interested in the latter, BGA can provide advisory services to assist clients with personalized investment strategies on the future marketing of vintage and classic WWII-era aircraft. Such specialty advice will be invaluable in making the most of such an investment – peace of mind being paramount.

The Air Fighter Academy/Hangar 10 has recognized the professionalism of BGA and the value of having such a partner in developing marketing strategies tailored to their specific needs, backed up by a global reach. They are safe in the knowledge that BGA’s international team of sales representatives, sales support staff and marketing professionals will ‘get the job done.’ Consequently BGA is not only able to offer these Messerschmitts for sale, but also some of the other aforementioned iconic aircraft currently in the collection of The Air Fighter Academy/Hangar 10.

The recent sale of the collection’s Bf 109G-12 demonstrates that Air Fighter Academy/Hangar 10’s ongoing confidence in B0schung Global Ltd is well founded!

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