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Dr. Sanator - Legacy
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The P-47 Thunderbolt earned its reputation as a rugged workhorse of the United States Army Air force in WWII, striking down close to 4000 enemy aircraft. Its success would solidify the status of Republic Aviation as a leader in aircraft design and manufacture and ignite the career of its chief engineer Alexander Kartveli. Kartveli, whose genius helped create the P-47, would shape a generation of ever more advanced aircraft from the F-84 to the F-105 and A-10. Dr. Robert Sanator, a protege of Kartveli, was witness to this golden age at Republic as he worked his way up from designer to company president. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Sanator pays homage to the legacy of Alexander Kartveli and the aircraft he conceived for Republic.

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Presidential Influence: The Hughes D-2

Presidential Influence-The Hughes D-2
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With Britain and the Allies struggling for survival in a fierce battle with the Nazis, American industrial might was mobilized to supply them with the weapons and machines to beat back the German onslaught. Millionaire Howard Hughes was anxious to participate in the war effort to do his part to defeat Hitler. His intentions were not completely altruistic;a military contract would also have been extremely profitable for the Hughes Aircraft Company. He built the prototype D2, a speedy wooden fighter/ bomber entirely with his own money and in secret and hoped to amaze the US Army Air Force with it, but the plane was flatly rejected. Fortunately for Hughes, he had friends in high places.

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Quicksilver – The Story of the Yoak Family

Quicksilver - The Story of the Yoak Family
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It was the late Bill Yoak’s love affair with the Mustang that inspired him to craft Quicksilver:A stunning P-51D that he hoped would be the most beautiful aircraft in the world. Looking at its smooth contours and silvery flawless skin it’s hard to argue that Bill did not succeed.Listen to Bill and his son Scooter, describe the incredible 16 year journey from concept till Quicksilver’s first flight.

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