Our purpose is to help carry out the legacy of the greatest generation to the latest generation by serving and providing quality assistance to the warbird community through exceptional aircraft restorations and aircraft part distribution.

Aircraft Restorations: Since 1998 we have been restoring WWII aircraft to their authentic and airworthy condition. We got hooked on what some people call the “addiction,” and since then, have completed five restoration projects and have two more underway. Three of those warbirds won the Golden Wrench award at AirVenture.

History Preservation: In 2012, we opened Fagen Fighters WWII Museum, which is home to fourteen warbirds and counting. Our museum is open to anyone; it is our mission to make sure the latest generation knows of the greatest.

Aircraft Parts: In 2017, we expanded our capabilities to serve the industry and bought Jay Wisler’s inventory. Anyone who knows Jay, knows how big of an impact he had, and still has, in our industry. Our collection is large and is made up of a variety of parts for many variants of planes. It’s extensive and only growing.

We are driven to do things right in any and all business with our warbird community. We will strive for perfection in all we do for our customers and the warbird community. We are a small shop with big capabilities! Make your needs known to us and we’ll do our best to help!

Complete restoration projects:                         Projects For Sale:

P-40E                                                                           P-40 (2)

P-40K                                                                           P-51 (2)

P-40E                                                                           T-6

P-40K                                                                          P-39

P-38L                                                                          TBM



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