Scaled-Down Fantasy of Flight Museum Reopens to the Public


Kermit Weeks reopened his Fantasy of Flight museum to the general public this past weekend, although on a much smaller scale. The original incarnation of Fantasy of Flight closed to all but private events last April. Mr. Weeks has some big plans ahead for his aviation-themed attraction, but he is holding back on announcing those plans until they are ready for a formal unveiling. In the meantime, the Fantasy of Flight will be open to the general public on Fridays through Sunday each week from 11am to 3pm, unless a private event intervenes. The attraction will not include access to the entire facility as in previous years, and will operate only on a seasonal schedule until further notice. Dates of operation so far listed for 2015 and early 2016 will be as follows:

January 30th – April 26th (excluding April 11th for a private event)

June 19th – August 2nd

November 20th – April 10th, 2016

The aircraft on show will feature the collection’s B-24J Liberator, P-51D Mustang and Grumman Duck among others. These aircraft will be in what was once the museum’s maintenance hangar, currently the only building open to the public. Presumably, the gaps in the seasonal schedule will allow the museum to change up the featured aircraft which will keep the display fresh for repeat visits. Biplane rides will also be available to the public, courtesy of Waldo Wright’s Flying Service.

WarbirdsNews will report further as soon as new information becomes available.


  1. Dear Mr. Weeks, and staff,
    Are you able to accommodate a small (50 people tops) birthday party for a 75yo Air Force Veteran. Has brought many Civil Air Patrol squadrons on tour of your previous Fantasy of Flight. I am funding this myself and wondering if you may have something for a smaller budgeted party? Your response is greatly appreciated. Thank You

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