Royal Air Force Museum-Cosford Hosts Model Air Show

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Last Sunday, April 7th 2013 the Royal Air Force Museum hosted the annual Shropshire Model Show at their Cosford facility. Nestled amongst their world-class collection of aircraft and military vehicles, thousands of intricately detailed models were on display alongside their full-scale, real-life counterparts offering viewers a unique chance to compare and appreciate the fine art of miniature modeling.

World-famous kit manufacturer, Airfix chose the show for the launch of their brand new 1:72 scale Avro Lancaster model kits and commissioned a display diorama commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Dambusters Raid, built by members of the Shropshire Modellers club and consisting of 19 of Airfix’s new Avro Lancaster models specially-modified to depict each of the stripped-down planes that participated in the raid, a Vickers Wellington Bomber which carried out the trials for the famous bouncing bomb that made the raid possible, the Supermarine Spitfire which carried out photo reconnaissance sorties before and after the raid, as well as some anti-aircraft guns to show what the aircrews were up against. The bespoke Dambusters diorama will remain on display at the Museum throughout April and May.

Gary Stevens of the Shropshire Scale Modellers and Darrell Burge of Airfix pose with model of Avro Lancaster.
Gary Stevens of the Shropshire Scale Modellers and Darrell Burge of Airfix pose with model of Avro Lancaster.

More than 40 vendors were on hand selling a range of modeling materials and kits to suit modelers of all abilities, from young children who are just discovering their passion for modeling to avid modelers who have been building kits for many years.

This was the first year that the model show attracted Airfix and their sister brand Humbrol as sponsors with Airfix also providing the person who creates the extraordinary and compelling works of art that grace their packaging for a meet and greet with the modeling enthusiasts in attendance.

With everything any dedicated modeler could want or need all in one place, the one-day show attracted thousands of visitors and more than 80 modelling clubs from across the UK, exhibiting their models which must have taken hours of painstaking attention to detail and much dedication to perfect.

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