Pensacola Navy Museum’s 50th Anniversary Event Postponed

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National Naval Aviation Museum Anniversary postponed

The Navy announced Wednesday that it is postponing events marking the 50th anniversary of the National Museum of Naval Aviation because of the government shutdown. As many other museums across the United States, the Navy Museum and U.S. Air Force Museum were effected my the government recent controversial decision.

A black-tie gala planned for Saturday evening at Pensacola Naval Air Station has been pushed back to an unspecified date.

A special exhibit paying tribute to the museum’s history is closed along with the rest of the museum’s attractions. The Navy says the museum will remained closed throughout the duration shutdown because the museum’s employees are on furlough.

The museum had planned events throughout the day on Saturday including special, commemorative coins for its first 50 visitors, an exhibit of Naval aviation art and a free showing of an IMAX movie about the Navy’s Blue Angels flight demonstration team. Special events were also planned for the museum’s restaurant and gift shop.



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