High level aircraft cleaning at the RAF Museum Cosford

A photo from the cleaning undertook in January 2019 (photo credit: Arco Professional Safety Services)

The annual high level aircraft cleaning and inspection will take place at the RAF Museum Cosford from Monday 6 to Friday 10 January 2020.

Work will be focused on the suspended aircraft displayed within the Museum’s National Cold War Exhibition and will be carried out by ArcoServices, specialists in working at height. In addition to cleaning the aircraft, the Arco Services team will also be carrying out safety checks on the suspension cables.

Work will take approximately 4 days to complete and the media are invited to film and photograph the team at work during this period.

Monday 6 January will primarily be induction and set up, the main cleaning will take place 7-10 January and the working hours for the team will be 9am-4pm each day.

Team members are happy to wear Go Pro cameras to capture unique views of the aircraft and hangars from high level.

Video footage of the aircraft cleaning in 2018

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