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Two years ago, the Collings Foundation and Tom Harrison (who wrote the book Kassel) tried to produce a documentary film called The Last Liberator. The film would have centered around the flying collection’s B-24J Liberator as a way of telling the stories about the many people surrounding the aircraft in wartime. Sadly, the National Endowment for the Humanities turned down the grant proposal which could have funded this endeavor. Such is the way of things, and not every worthy project can earn sponsorship from the department’s very limited budget. However, the Collings Foundation is still keen to get this film produced and into theaters across the country. The organization has held talks with Greg Sheffer at Inversion Productions to see how they can move forward, and is very hopeful for a successful partnership. Greg has a proven track record, and already helped produce several videos for Collings including Bud Day Memorial F-100, Vietnam Memorial Flight, Profile of a POW and some Wings of Freedom videos. This film needs to get made, and frankly, it needs to get made soon if it is to capture the personal stories from the few B-24 veterans still among us. Therefore the production is already under way, with the aim of creating a large format film fit for any IMAX screen or general theatres. The high definition feature will capture the dramatic stories of several B-24 Veterans who flew the aircraft during the war. Accompanying the true, heroic stories of these men and women will be a spectacularly immersive view of what it is like to fly in the last fully restored and flying B-24J Liberator in the world.


Currently, the Collings Foundation is seeking B-24 veterans available for interview, or potentially featuring in this remarkable film. They are also looking for women who worked at Ford’s B-24 plant in Willow Run, Michigan, or female pilots (WASPs) who ferried Liberators from the factory. If you are a B-24 Vet or know one who would like to be a part of the Last Liberator film, please contact Hunter Chaney at the Collings Foundation.

Send email to: or call 800-568-8924.

Send letter to:
Collings Foundation
Attn: Last Liberator
PO Box 248
Stow, MA 01775


  1. I trained as atail gunner on a B_24 at Tyndall air force Fla. DEC. 1944, by the time i finished training, it was too late to join the eighth air force and fly any combat missions.

  2. I was a B24 airplane commander and flew 35 missions in the15th Air Force in Italy during ww11. I have a day by day print out from my form 5 and diary of all my missions. Recently returned from an honor flight to Wash dc and memorials. I am 95 years old.

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