Centenary Celebration of the First Flight of the Sopwith Bat Boat

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wpsynd19746In celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the maiden flight of the Sopwith Bat Boat, the first successful flying boat built and flown in in the United Kingdom, there will a commemorative exhibition held on the Isle of Wight from June 8th to September 28th at the Classic Boat Museum and Gallery in East Cowes, featuring a specially-comissioned, museum quality 1/8th scale replica of the innovative craft, boasting a wingspan of over five feet.

On March 5, 1913 Sir Amsterdam Mortimer Singer had announced a competition with a £500 prize for the first British aircraft to take off and land six times on water and six times on land all within the span of five hours. After several failed attempts and damaged planes, on July 8th with Sopwith’s chief test pilot Harry Hawker at the controls the flying boat achieved the challenge and took the prize.

After winning the prize, the machine was delivered to the Royal Naval Air Service, the first plane acquired by the fledgling military branch with later examples being purchased by the German Navy Air Service and the Greek Navy.

To help defray the costs of the bespoke model and the exhibition, the Classic Boat Museum Gallery has put together special “Bat Boat 100 Donation Package”, a donation of £50 brings a special print of the Bat Boat, a commerotive booklet, a copy of the Bat Boat 100 Exhibition Guide and entry for the donor and one guest to the official opening ceremony of the exhibition on June 8 2013.

For details of the event or to purchase a donation package, contact SolentAeromarine@Hotmail.co.uk

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