B-1 ‘Lancer’ On The Move

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PRESS RELEASE – With the support of the CL Werner Foundation, the Strategic Air & Space Museum is proud to announce the B-1A “Lancer” outdoor exhibit. The move of the B-1 to the front of the museum entrance is the beginning of a vision to expand its outdoor display offerings.
“The B-1A “Lancer” will be an impressive sight as guests drive into the museum,” said Dr. Mike McGinnis, Executive Director at the Strategic Air & Space Museum. The museum hopes to attract more attention to its entrance with the addition of the B-1 exhibit but the decision to move the B-1 from an indoor exhibit to and outdoor exhibit came after careful consideration. “The B-1A Lancer was selected to be the prominent outdoor display because of its size and significance in Aviation history,” said Brian York, Curator at the Strategic Air & Space Museum. “The B-1A which developed into the B-1B, was the last bomber employed by Strategic Air Command and holds a prominent place in history. The B-1B is still an important part of our present Military strength.”

The B-1 program was developed under President Nixon as an idea to develop a strategic bomber that would perform more strategically than the B-52. The B-1 was developed for high speed, low altitude penetration missions. The B-1 uses shorter runways, can carry twice the payload, and has a smaller radar profile than the B- 52. The design began with the B-1A as the prototype and evolved to the B-1B. There were only four B-1A’s built and the Strategic Air & Space Museum is caretaker to one of only two left in existence.

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The exhibit opens on May 15, 2015 to the public and visitors are allowed to walk around and underneath the aircraft in order to appreciate its massive size. The exhibit viewing is free to the public and available during business hours from 9 am to 5 pm.
The museum hopes to raise additional dollars to develop an outdoor air park and the B-1 exhibit is the beginning of plans for that airpark. The airpark plans include the addition of more aircraft to the designated outdoor space and exhibits that pay tribute to the people that served our Nation, a memorial walkway, and landscaping. The museum currently has other outdoor displays at its entrance which include a T-39 “Sabreliner”, an Atlas Missile, Thor Missile, Blue Scout Missile, and Snark Missile.

About the Strategic Air & Space Museum

Located between Lincoln and Omaha near Interstate 80, utilizes over 300,000 square feet of exhibit, education, and event space to ignite the thrill of discovery and innovation in guests of all ages. Organized in 1959, the original mission of the museum was to commemorate the contributions of the Strategic Air Command, which until 1992 was headquartered at Offutt Air Force Base. The museum moved to its current location in 1998 upon completion of a new indoor facility. The museum houses an impressive collection of military aircraft and space artifacts, many of which have been restored in the museum’s on-site restoration facility. To better serve the community, the museum has established a partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Office of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education to provide cutting-edge educational opportunities for students, teachers, families, and adult learners. Traveling exhibits, permanent exhibits, and a variety of special events provide additional unique experiences for the museum’s members and guests. Visit www.asmuseum.com for more information.


  1. Sun, weather and birds kill outdoor displays fast. I hope this aircraft has a dedicated volunteer staff to maintain its exterior or in 5 years it’ll look run down and cockpit baked by the sun.

  2. One of two left in existence and one of them is going to be outside. Not a good idea after a few years…

  3. Well that Bone better have a dedicated volunteer team or it will rapidly get Dirty Mouldy and then start falling to pieces i know as i help to look after a Concorde at a UK Museum and without a regular cleaning regime she rapidly gets very dirty and that is a priceless Bone a B-1A moving it out side is a very Dumb thing to do!

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