MAAM WWII Weekend – Air Show Image Supplemental

. (photo by A. Kevin Grantham)
Aircorps Art Dec 2019

As we reported last week, the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum held their annual WWII Weekend extravaganza in the first weekend in June. Due to a miscommunication error (on your editor’s part), we ended up having two correspondents on hand to cover the event, and while we were sorry to have caused them frustration, it is actually a boon for our readers, as we have a whole new set of images to share with you. Given that this is the first large air show to take place in the U.S. in more than a year due to the pandemic, the event was extremely well attended, and there was a remarkable variety of subjects to enjoy, from the re-enactors, to the displays, to the vehicles and of course, the star attraction – the aircraft. So without further ado, here are the marvelous images which Carroll Haugh and A.Kevin Grantham have produced for us – we feel sure you will enjoy them!

Heavy Iron in Reflection

. (photo by A. Kevin Grantham)

WWII Heros and Re-enactors

Two genuine WWII veterans posing with their re-enactor counterparts beside a Sherman tank. (photo by A. Kevin Grantham)
Pearl Harbor survivor – U.S. Army veteran Dick Schimmel. (photo by A. Kevin Grantham)

Civilian Scene Re-enactors

The Black Widow

WWII in Flight

. (photo by A. Kevin Grantham)

WWII Aircraft on the Ground

. (photo by A. Kevin Grantham)

Nighttime Engine Runs

. (photo by A. Kevin Grantham)

Many thanks indeed to A.Kevin Grantham and Carroll Haugh for bringing us these marvelous scenes. We would also like to thank the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s Russ Strine and Dave Brown for enabling our talented photographers in their endeavors. It is clear that the museum’s annual WWII Weekend is going from strength to strength!


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