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PRESS RELEASE – Spencer J Hardy Airport-Livingston County, MI – The local airport is getting ready to host its first annual airshow on June 27, 2015.  The airshow is the brainchild of Matt and Andrea Dahline of Crosswinds Aviation, Ron and Linda Staley, Phil Bozek and the Livingston County Airport.  The airshow is expected to draw over 1,000 in attendance and features performances by Greg Koontz and Kevin Copeland.  There will also be a F4U-5, several T-6 Texans, a BT-19, a C-47, a Boeing Stearman, L-29s, and L-39s to name a few of the warbirds in attendance.  There will also be a “chicken drop”, and discovery flights available through Crosswinds Aviation in their Cessna, Diamond and Cirrus fleet.

Ron Staley's L-39 (Blue/Yellow) is number taking off for a show at Oshkosh, WI.
Ron Staley’s L-39 (Blue/Yellow) is number taking off for a show at Oshkosh, WI. ( Photo by Mike Lambert)

There are two reasons the committee has decided to host this event.  First, they aim to inspire youth to pursue aviation.  Second, they aim to raise awareness for the airport and increase support of it.  Crosswinds Aviation stated on their blog (located here: that the airport “benefits to the community included $1.5 million in direct economic impacts and over $25.1 million in total economic benefits to the community.”The airshow is held in conjunction with the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest, hosted by the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce, June 26-28.  Five scheduled balloon launches and family activities and attractions will take place at the balloonfest site located at the Howell schools complex, about a mile east of the airport. For more information, visit

 For those interested in sponsoring the show, please follow this link: If you’d like to attend the VIP Airshow Dinner featuring Greg Koontz, please follow this link: For those interested in volunteering, please follow this link: .There’s no admission fee to attend the airshow and all are welcome.  The address of the airport is 3399 County Airport Dr., Howell, MI 48855

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