D-Day Plus 75 – The June 5th Parachute Drop Over France

'That's All... Brother' leading 'Betsy's Biscuit Bomber' into the Sannerville Drop Zone near Caen, France. A fleet of Douglas Transports re-enacted the paratroop drops over the D-Day Drop Zone on June 5th. (photo by Mike Killian)
HF Cub 729

While we were able to present some fabulous photographs and video from the days leading up to the D-Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations yesterday, we have just received some marvelous images from the D-Day Squadron’s photographer, Mike Killian, depicting the trip over to France on June 5th, and the release of re-enactors in WWII era parachutes and uniforms over the Drop Zone in Sannerville, near the French port city of Caen, so central to the initial D-Day operations 75 years ago this week. Rather than do a full article on these events, we will let the pictures, along with their captions tell the story of the journey over from Duxford, England to their final destination at Caen-Carpiquet Airport. Many thanks indeed to Mike Killian for these dramatic images! We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Here is a nice video of the take off from Duxford Aerodrome as well!


… and the view from the ground at the DZ in Sannerville, France.

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