Collings Foundation Holding Race of the Century Event July 27-28th

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Stearman vs Midget racer (Image Credit: Collings Foundation)
Stearman vs Midget racer
(Image Credit: Collings Foundation)
In a recent story, we recounted the history of races staged over the years between aircraft and motor vehicles. We must have been tapping onto something subconsciously because we were recently informed that the Collins Foundation of Stowe, Massachusetts is holding a racing event later this month in the spirit of these historic cross-transportational contests.

Ground based race of early 1900s transportation options (Image Credit: Collings Foundation)
Ground based race of early 1900s transportation options
(Image Credit: Collings Foundation)
Horses, Hybrids, electric cars, vehicles powered by water and flying machines, all are solutions to solve the transportation issues of their day. To illustrate the significance of engineering advancements, the Collings Foundation will host an event that pits some of the greatest mobility based technological advancements against each other in an event they’re calling “Race of the Century.”

During the early 1900’s the first auto carriages were invented. The thought of a “horseless carriage” rumbling down the path – or better yet – a “flying machine” moving through the air seemed amazing. The traditional horse and buggy quickly became history with the emergence of auto carriages like the 1905 Franklin and aircraft such as the 1909 Bleriot Type XI.

Scheduled races thus far include:
1867 Concord Stage Coach vs. 1904 Franklin Type A Roadster
1900 Horses and Buggy vs. 1906 Stanley Steamer
1914 Stutz Bearcat vs. 1909 Bleriot Type XI
1937 Offy Sprint Racer vs. Stearman PT-17

In addition to the races, the entire Collings foundation collection of historic aircraft and automobiles will be available for viewing, and flight experiences in the Stearman as well as in their T-6 Texan will be on offer. Applications for additional race entrants are being accepted, so if your have a turn of the century transportation contraption, the Collings Foundation wants to hear from you.

Some video from a previous Collings Foundation Race:

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