Plane Perfect!

How many of you have tried to clean that stubborn grease and oily gunk off an automobile or aircraft? Doubtless many of you have, and as tough as it is to get the job done well, the […]

Commemorative Air Force

Invite a B-17 in Your Community

PRESS RELEASE – The Commemorative Air Force Arizona Airbase announces that applications for Warbird appearances in your community are being accepted now for the 2016 summer tour season..Good clean fun with an experiential and educational […]

Airshow News

Catalina Air Show

Watching an air show performed over water beside a picturesque landscape can be a marvelous experience, although it doesn’t happen too often due to the difficulties in getting a paying audience. Such is the case with […]


Mustangs and $2 bills

Story by Staff Sgt. Daniel Molineaux CHEYENNE, Wyo. – During World War II, throughout every region involved with the conflict, the importance of air superiority became apparent to allied and axis commanders alike. This realization […]