In Memory of Lt. Col. Edward J. Saylor – Doolittle Tokyo Raider

B-25s lined up at the 2102 Doolittle Raiders Reunion ( Photo by Matt Jolley)

B-25s lined up at the 2102 Doolittle Raiders Reunion ( Photo by Matt Jolley)
B-25s lined up at the 2012 Doolittle Raiders Reunion ( Photo by Matt Jolley)

We’re sadden to learn Lieutenant Colonel Edward J. Saylor, one of the 80 brave men known as the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders, has died.    According to Warbird, Lt. Col. Saylor passed away quietly at his home in Washington State around 11:00am on Wednesday January, 28th, 2015.Matt Jolley, host of Warbird Radio LIVE, spoke with Tom and Catherine Casey long time friends and managers of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders who confirmed Mr. Saylor’s passing.  The Casey’s said: “We are truly saddened at the passing of Lt. Col. Ed Saylor, engineer of Crew 15. We are also very proud to have known and spent so much time with him. We will miss his sense of humor, his smile and his dedication to the legacy of Doolittle Tokyo Raid.”

 Lt. Col. Saylor requested there be no funeral or military ceremony.  His final wishes were simple, to be buried beside his wife.  If you’d like to honor the memory of Lt. Col. Saylor, he asked that you make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, a Quick Link has been posted below.

 Additionally, Lt. Col. Saylor’s final interview with Warbird has been posted below.  His story is one that everyone should hear.  It is seldom told but among the most important to the Doolittle Raiders.  God Speed Lt. Col. Saylor.

 QUICK LINK:  Final Story   – Click HERE to listen Matt’s interview.

 QUICK LINK:  Wounded Warrior Project


  1. RIP Col. Saylor the bravery and determination of the Raiders. Inspired many a young man to serve this country. God’s speed Sir.

  2. Rest in Peace Colonel Saylor. I had the personal pleasure of knowing and flying with one of the Doolittle hero’s. Richard Joyce was a wonderful person and a man I much admired. Thanks to the bravery of these wonderful men we got some early pay back, and we owe a debt of gratitude to each and everyone. Salute!

  3. RIP Lt. Col Saylor. Our hero’s never thought of themselves as hero’s, but hero’s they were. They answered the call when their country needed them. Thank a Vet today for their service.

  4. We are so saddened by this passing. We had the pleasure of meeting Lt. Col. Saylor at many events as docents for the B-25 at Historic Flight Foundation in Everett WA. He was a great man and will be missed.

  5. We salute Lt. Col. Saylor and the other Raiders. They have set grand examples for those who are engaged in war today.

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