The Hillson Hurricane Biplane

Aircorps Art Dec 2019

Every month we look forward to receive the newsletter from Dave O’Malley, director of marketing for Vintage Wings Of Canada. Every month Dave writes amazing stories telling the tales Canadian aviators,aircraft and national aviation heritage. This month’s newsletter is  about a very unique aircraft called Hillson FH.40.During the middle of the Second World War, when the entire world was focused on monoplane combat aircraft production, some designers were pursuing a radical aircraft that took off as a biplane and landed as a monoplane.A Hawker Hurricane, which featured a jettisonable top wing with integral fuel tanks, to reduce take-off distance with heavy loads, and to improve ferry range. The modification was implemented by F. Hills & Sons and was designated the “Hillson FH.40”. It proved too heavy to be serviceable.

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