Dusty Is Back! Disney’s ‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’ The Official Trailer



After the huge success of Disney’s ‘Planes’ in the summer of 2013, the sequel will fly to the theaters July 18, 2014.Walt Disney Pictures has debuted the first trailer for Planes: Fire & Rescue, a follow-up to the August release Planes, which earned $206.9 million worldwide on a $50 million budget.In the July 18, 2014 release, Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook) leaves the glory of the racing world behind (at least temporarily) to lend a wing to some courageous airborne fire-fighters.

So no Warbirds this time but fire fighting aircraft, Warbirds News editor and our readers surely will miss Skipper he Navy Instructor.

Once again the story will center on Dusty Crophopper (voiced by Dane Cook) as he learns he may never race again as a result of engine damage, so he decides to fight wildfires. Set in the wilds of Piston Peak, Dusty joins a quirky crew of elite firefighting aircraft devoted to protecting the National Park from a raging wildfire.

Besides the Planes series, DisneyToon is considering to make more spin-offs that would feature other vehicles like boats and trains, and which may go into production if Planes is well received. John Lasseter said: “I kept thinking about—I’m a big train fanatic. I love trains. And I started thinking about trains, and boats and airplanes. And I kept wanting to have more and more of those type of characters. […] It’s one of the ideas, that there will be an ongoing series. It almost starts getting into this thing where we fall in love with these plane characters, we want to see more and more stories with them. And then you start doing other vehicles and stuff like that. Yeah. So it kind of is a bigger idea that can keep expanding.”

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  1. No kids to see it, but I support the concept. I have to say though, that I wish they had made some characters out of the ex-Navy Aircraft that are used in aerial fire-fighting – the P2 Neptune and especially the S2F. A damn fine Pilot I flew with, Larry Groff, died when there was a mid-air collision between two of the S2 aircraft collided. Larry was killed and also the other pilot, Lars Stratt.

    Be nice if the movie had somehow recognized the losses by using aircraft characters of the crashed planes as a form of Tribute.

    Larry Groff flew In VQ-3 and (with me) at VR-22.

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