Inside Issue #89 of Warbird Digest

Although originally intended as pure airshow aircraft, a role in which they did fly for a short time, the two ex-Bulgarian Mi-25s were placed on military contracts in 2016. Ever since that time, these Hinds have remained quite busy in training America’s frontline warfighters. Gary Daniels
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Inside issue #89 of Warbird Digest
JOURNEY TO HIROSHIMA – Author John Slemp’s quest to photograph as many vintage flight jackets as possible has led to some very interesting discoveries, a few of which he has revealed to Warbird Digest.
SHAITAN-ARBA – The mystical Soviet Mil Mi-24 Hind designed during the Cold War-era, has long been the stuff of legend to those in the West. Warbird Digest removes the veil and gives readers a detailed look at this still very capable combat helicopter. A couple have even found use with a private company that provides the military with a very realistic adversary asset for training purposes.
A DOLPHIN FLYING SOUTH – Warbirds have truly become a worldwide phenomenon. However, warbirds—and jet warbirds in particular—had been a rare site in the skies over Argentina until relatively recently. Now a vintage L-29 Delfin is routinely seen flying over this South American nation.
A TRULY COSMOPOLITAN CORSAIR – A glode-trotting, two-war veteran Corsair has finally found a home in France.
PINO’S PASSION – Warbird Digest pays tribute to Italy’s pioneer warbird collector, the late Pino Valenti.
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