Arnold Boulevard Abilene Texas United States

The Dyess Linear Air Park originated from the Texas Museum of Military History, which was founded in 1981. The park was officially dedicated June 12, 1991, by Lt. Gen. Robert D. Beckel, commander, 15th Air Force.There are 32 World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam Conflict and two aircraft from Operation Desert Storm on display outdoors. There are no indoor displays at this time.The Linear Air Park is currently closed except for guided tours. To receive a guided tour, call the Dyess Public Affairs office at 696-2863. There is no fee.These aircraft represent the Air Force’s proud and dramatic history. No price value can be placed upon these aircraft, which represent the sacrifices our military made as they fought for the love of country and freedom.Each aircraft on display is assigned a sponsor. These sponsors volunteered countless number of hours restoring and maintaining these aircraft.Color schemes and markings depict the squadron and era in which the aircraft flew. This was done in attempts to display the rich history of that particular make of aircraft, not necessarily the particular aircraft itself.The recently added memorial wall is the latest addition to the air park. It was designed to display historical and heroic actions by USAF units and personnel.


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