2002 North Buckeye Street Coffeyville Kansas 67337 United States

The Coffeyville Aviation Heritage Museum in Coffeyville, Kansas is housed in the only hanger remaining from the Pfister Park Airport, that was in operation from 1933 until 1960. The original runways and hanger were a WPA (Works Progress Administration) project. When the airport was discontinued, the land reverted into Coffeyville\’s Pfister Park and there are no runways there today.Open weekends, or by appointment, the Coffeyville Aviation Heritage Museum has various aircraft exhibits, but the truely unique exhibit is the memorabilia about the Funk Airplanes which were designed by Joe and Howard Funk.The Funk\’s Akron Aircraft Company was originally located in Akron, Ohio, but following bankruptcy in 1940, they were bailed out by Bill and Raymond Jensen of Coffeyville and the manufacturing was relocated to Kansas. The renamed Funk Aircraft Company operated in Coffeyville from 1941 through 1942 and again from 1945 through 1947, producing a total of 232 aircraft, before the post war aircraft production bubble burst.Including the production in Akron, over 300 Funk airplanes were produced and about 200 still fly. Many of the remaining Funk airplanes are flown to an annual reunion of the Funk Aircraft Owners Association in Coffeyville each September.


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