3005 NE Cornell Road Hillsboro Oregon 97125 United States

The Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum supports the concept of ‘living history’ by exhibiting our restored aircraft at the Museum, at air shows, historical reunions, industry and aviation events – including aircraft static displays and flight demonstrations. Museum staff and volunteers provide lectures to schools, service clubs, and other organizations interested in aviation history and are proud to serve as an educational resource.

500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way Mcminnville Oregon 97128-8877 United States 39.55 km

With displays ranging from the elegant aeronautic designs of two unknown bike mechanics – Orville and Wilbur Wright – to an actual Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird that can fly at speeds of over 2,000 miles per hour – the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum located in McMinnville, Oregon, has a little something for everyone.The centerpiece of these aeronautic breakthroughs is the original Spruce Goose. Built entirely of wood due to wartime restrictions on metals, this massive airplane stands as a symbol of American industry during World War II.Founded in the memory of Captain Michael King Smith, our exhibits celebrate the lives of innovators, pilots, and veterans who courageously pioneered flight in these remarkable machines. Plan a visit and learn more about the museum as you immerse yourself in history with our ever-expanding attractions and amenities.

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