Jamie Trudeau started in New England almost 40 years ago restoring and refinishing all types of aircraft. He now owns and operates TWE with his wife Janet (whom he calls the “brains” of the operation). Thirteen years ago, Jamie relocated to the Florida sunshine and partnered with Dexter Aviation in Arcadia for the unique opportunity to concentrate on maintaining the aging T-28 fleet. Jamie bought out the complete operation in 2007 and relocated to Punta Gorda Airport (KPGD) in 2008, allowing us to “spread our wings’.

Through hard work and dedication, TWE has become the most-respected North American T-28 maintenance & restoration facility in the country. We are honored to include private owners, collectors and museums, among our valued clients. Our excellent reputation extends beyond North America to international clients in Australia, France, Switzerland, UK, South America and beyond.

Over the years, Jamie and his staff have restored and refinished over 800 aircraft. Several award-winning T-28 restorations have also been completed, gracing many a magazine cover. Techniques and craftsmanship were learned from old school artisans and been continually improved over the years. Jamie’s credentials include A&P, IA, ME & T-28 rating.

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