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Ron Cole began his career as an industrial designer and product development engineer in Los Angeles, California in 2001, working for 3D Industrial Design. Over the next several years Ron designed toys for Mattel’s Hot Wheels and Barbie lines, designed and built character study and special effects models for Hollywood films (Cat & the Hat, Shark Tales, The Aviator, Terminator III, and others), and built scale models for the aerospace industry and architects/developers. Creating a unique and visually stimulating method of rendering 2D illustrations for these same companies, Ron started his own business, HiDef Design, in 2005, also based in LA.

In 2008 Ron started a new business, Cole’s Aircraft. Applying his unique 2D process, that combined old-fashioned hand-painting and digital-painting, to the historic aviation genre’, Ron entered the market of aviation art. Witnessing the sad passing of veterans who had previously autographed aviation art prints, Ron created new products that combined aircraft art and pieces of actual historic aircraft in wall-hanging displays. Like most artists, Ron also began accepting commissioned work.

Cole’s Aircraft currently has more than 250 unique products, is a major sponsor of the Precious Metal Racing Team, and partners with Legend Flyers, Zoukei Mura Inc, Aviattic Models, and numerous world-wide aviation museums and non-profit organizations.

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