At Phighter Images using wood wings from early aircraft as Boeing Stearman brings art and creativity into our furniture.

Phighter Images owner, Kurt Eldrup—Born Hahn A.F.B. West Germany, A&P Mechanic, Pilot, s.e.l. c-172 spent 10 years in USAF, Illinois air national guard as crew Chief on KC135E Tankers and F16 Falcons aircraft in the Florida air national guard and served in 1990 gulf war based at Jedda Saudia Arabia. RockVally aviation maintenance college Rockford, IL. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona beach, FL. American Airline Maintenance college. He has spent 25 years as Auto body Technician and Auto body Painter restoring old cars and collision repair and painting aircraft and Harley’s bikes. Also has a company making painting holding products to help painter hold parts when painting called Eldrup painting products.

Kurt’s father a Ret. Brig General. Flew F4D Phantom in Vietnam 200 plus missions with 555 th at Ubon, Thailand. And commanding officer Robin Olds a triple ace commander. Then flew kc-97 tankers and kc -135 tankers for the Illinois air national guard for 20 yrs with a total of 27 years of service. And was the D O of the unit.Kurt mother was the president of the Illinois air guard officers wife’s club. Real story when Robin Olds came to Vietnam to become the commander of 555th  his first and 3rd mission in country he flew with my dad as he had been their some time with a 100 plus missions under his belt to show him the area. I read a article on Robin Olds the other day and his statement  was” PEACE IS  NOT  OUR PROFESSION ”

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